Wednesday, December 22, 2010

KOMO radio gets an action-packed glimpse into the life of a Medic One paramedic

KOMO Radio's Ian Sterling experienced first-hand the life-saving capabilities of local paramedics when he rode along in a Medic One ambulance on Tuesday. The ambulance responded to a few calls and Sterling had the chance to interview paramedic-in-training Justin Clouse, who said the rigorous paramedic training, offered largely in part because of the funds the Medic One Foundation provides, has been intense and prepared him for anything. Listen to the interview below.

In addition, Sterling spoke to Jan Sprake, the Executive Director of the Medic One Foundation, about the importance of the public donating to keep this world-class paramedic training program alive. The paramedics in the Puget Sound area are among the best in the nation and have contributed to King County having one of the highest sudden cardiac arrest survival rates in the U.S. Listen to the second radio spot below.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Enterprise Washington recognized for voter education and political outreach programs

Enterprise Washington has received the STAR Award from the national business organization BIPAC for its efforts in engaging employees and voters in the public policy and elections processes in Washington state. The award recognizes Enterprise Washington for outstanding integration of grassroots programming in its statewide election efforts.

“We are extremely proud of G.R.O.W., the grassroots program we have built in Washington state, and it is a great honor to received this national award,” said Erin McCallum, president of Enterprise Washington. “We look forward to continuing to improve the G.R.O.W. program, extending its reach and helping to elect even more business-friendly Democrat and Republican legislators in our state.”

Enterprise Washington’s G.R.O.W. program (Growing Roots for Our Workforce) communicated with more than 350,000 individuals in Washington state during 2009-10. The program, part of BIPAC’s national Prosperity Project network, focuses on the direct impact that public policy and politics have on jobs and economic growth. It allows individuals to make a difference in their own prosperity by becoming more informed about those issues and taking actions that are in their own best interest.

The information shared via the G.R.O.W. program can be found at

"The programs and activities undertaken by Enterprise Washington have a very positive impact on the economy and job creation in Washington state," said Gregory Casey, President and CEO of BIPAC. "The national business community understands the hard work and thoughtful leadership that makes such efforts possible, and we are pleased to recognize these examples from one of the very best and most effective grassroots and issue education initiatives in the country."

While voter interest remains steady, understanding of economic issues still lags. Enterprise Washington’s G.R.O.W. program and the Prosperity Project as a whole are designed to help bridge that gap effectively and provide individuals with useful information when making important decisions. Rather than telling people how to vote, it arms them with valid data to help them reach informed opinions of their own.

Check out the Museum of Flight's new PSA!

Listen to the Museum of Flight's new PSA! It features the voice of Patti Payne, and Lee Keller's son Jacob!

Medic One Foundation represents a worthy investment in public's health

The Seattle Times recently published an editorial encouraging the public to continue to support the Medic One Foundation. The public can donate to help fund the top paramedic training program in the state, maybe even the nation, as evidenced by our region's sudden cardiac arrest survival rates. The Times reminded its readers that, while we are in difficult economic times, we can not afford to lose the valuable services which the Medic One Foundation provides.

To read the full article click the Seattle Times logo below.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Overlake Hospital's new "blood vending machine"

Overlake Hospital Medical Center is the first hospital in King County to use a blood vending machine called a HemoSafe that stores up to 150 units of blood which can then be used for patients. The new technology significantly cuts down the time it takes to get blood for life-saving transfusions. According to the blood bank coordinator, Andrea Nordmark, the machine shaves off 30 minutes to an hour in the time it usually takes to transport blood. In addition, the machine reduces mistakes in the handling of blood.

The Seattle Times, Associated Press, KIRO-7 News,, KING-5 News and Northwest Cable News all published either a picture or a video of Nordmark demonstrating how to use the HemoSafe.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Police stations get drop boxes for unused prescription drugs

The Take Back Your Meds campaign is in full swing and gaining some attention for the issues at hand.

The Tacoma News Tribune published this article which notes that the Health Department and local law enforcement agencies are putting steel drop boxes at police stations in Pierce County so people can anonymously drop off their unused meds. This is just a short-term solution to try and curb the accidents and deaths related to leftover medications.

This photo from the Tacoma News Tribune, shows one of the safe drug drop boxes found in Pierce County.

The Peninsula Daily News also published an article about the dangers of leftover prescription drugs, citing the death of a young Port Angeles girl who died when she overdosed on methadone. A local pharmacy in Port Angeles has been running a safe take-back program for over a year and half and has collected over two tons of prescription meds and containers.

For more information about the Take Back Your Meds campaign, go to their website at

Monday, November 29, 2010

Overlake Hospital launches Care Transitions program

Overlake Hospital in Bellevue is the first medical care center in the Puget Sound area to implement the Care Transitions Intervention program. The program is designed to reduce patient readmission. The program is nationally recognized and was developed by 2003 by Eric A. Coleman, MD, MPH, Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Colorado, Denver.

Care Transitions is a 30-day program conducted by a registered nurse, initially just for patients over 65 who have suffered from heart failure. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid encourages the implementation of such programs to improve care quality, reduce preventable readmissions within 30 days of discharge and reduce overall healthcare costs for Medicare patients.

Click on the links below to see what the Bellevue Reporter and the KOMO News Bellevue Community Blog published about the program and Overlake Hospital.

Bellevue Reporter

KOMO News Bellevue Community Blog

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Medical Teams and James in Guatemala

The Keller Group's very own James McIntosh ventured to Guatemala this week to work with Medical Teams International. As a part of the volunteer team in Guatemala, James has been helping to improve community health through the construction of water and sanitation systems. Below are a few pictures he e-mailed us of his trip so far.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Don't Flush Me Bro!

The Take Back Your Meds campaign posted the first of their "Pill Guy" videos on YouTube. The video advocates proper and safe disposal of unused, leftover prescription drugs. Pills should never be flushed down the toilet, as the video says, or even left in a medicine cabinet because they can be abused by teens, or accidentally taken by children or seniors. Check out the video below!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Evening Magazine films at Museum of Flight

KING 5's Evening Magazine and host Meeghan Black filmed at the Museum of Flight today for an upcoming show. The Museum of Flight is one of around 20 institutions from all over the country vying for one of three retiring U.S. Space Shuttles. The retired shuttle will be housed at the Museum's new Space Gallery, which is still under construction.

Medical Teams International sending more volunteers to Haiti

Medical Teams International is sending a team of eight volunteers from Seattle and Portland to Haiti to aid with the cholera outbreak which was made worse after Hurricane Tomas last week. As of Monday, Medical Teams International volunteers had been treating an average of 10 new patients each hour. The team, consisting of one MD, three RNs and four paramedics, leaves this afternoon from SeaTac Airport.

The Medic One Foundation needs your help!

The Medic One Foundation is facing an unfamiliar crisis. The Foundation, which funds paramedic training and keeps the greater Seattle area's Medic One programs up-to-date and with the most advanced equipment, is struggling financially. In the thirty-six years the program has been running, they've rarely had to turn to the public to ask for donations.

Now, because of the down economy and fewer funds coming in, they need the public's help in order to continue to enable our paramedics to save the lives of people all over the region. Without the extra support of the Foundation, our paramedics wouldn't receive the unparalleled training they do, which includes 2,500 hours of training (more than twice the national average). The Seattle area boasts one of the nation's highest resuscitation rates for sudden cardiac arrest, at 46 percent.

KOMO 4 News put together a feature segment on the Medic One Foundation's "money crisis" which aired four times on November 4th and 5th. Jan Sprake, Medic One Foundation's Executive Director, was interviewed, as well as Sue Nixon, who had her life saved by Medic One Foundation paramedics after her heart stopped while she was driving. Supporting this cause is easy for the public to do, with the Medic One Foundation's new "text to give" program. Text "MEDIC" to 20222 to donate $10, or log onto and help save lives!

KOMO News Radio also ran a segment discussing all the Foundation does to enable local paramedics to better serve our communities. Ken Schram interviewed Jan Sprake about the nonprofit Medic One Foundation and the importance of continuing to donate to "keep the beat alive."

Q13 FOX showed their support for the Medic One Foundation with a nearly seven minute in-studio feature, aired the morning of Wednesday, November 10. Jan Sprake, paramedics Brian and Marcy from the Seattle Fire Department and Sue Nixon.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Overlake Hosts Eastside Vitality Fair

Overlake Hospital Medical Center hosted the Eastside Vitality Community Health Fair in celebration of the hospital's 50th anniversary.

“Overlake’s Eastside Vitality fairs are now an annual tradition and we can’t think of a better way to give back to the community than to provide important health screenings and help people learn more about improving their health,” said Craig Hendrickson, Overlake’s president and CEO.

The free event featured activities for kids and adults. A variety of health screenings were offered to attendees, including bone density screenings, cholesterol and diabetes tests, blood pressure checks, stroke screenings and skin cancer checks.

Overlake staff also demonstrated the da Vinci robotic-assisted Surgical System.

Overlake's 50 year history was on display at the Vitality Fair. Attendees could also check out information booths and talk with Overlake physicians and medical experts about all sorts of medical topics. Four health seminars were offered as well, including discussions on cancer prevention and treatment, dining room options from the past 50 years at Overlake, heart health and sports medicine, featuring players from the University of Washington's football teams of the 1960s.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Overlake Hospital Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Overlake Hospital Medical Center celebrated its 50th anniversary, along with the 50th birthday of the first baby born at the hospital.

Kathy Cziprian Soule' was born on October 16, 1960 at Overlake, a few hours before the hospital formally opened its doors to the public. Kathy, the doctor who delivered her, Dr. Stewart Hilscher, and Delores Barker, the nurse who admitted her, were in attendance at the staff appreciation event and 50th birthday party at Overlake last week. Bellevue Mayor Don Davidson also spoke at the event, discussing the impact and importance Overlake has had on the Eastside community for the past 50 years.

Below are pictures from the event, as well as a clip from Kathy's interview on Evening Magazine's Friday night show, which was filmed entirely at Overlake Hospital.

Kathy, the first baby born at Overlake, and Dr. Hilscher, the doctor who delivered her.

Rose Cziprian cuddles her newborn baby, born on October 16, the first day Overlake Hospital opened its doors to the public.

Kathy and Overlake Hospital President and CEO Craig Hendrickson at the Overlake 50th Anniversary Celebration.

Overlake Hospital and Kathy on Evening Magazine on KING 5

Cashmere Molding named 19th fastest growing private company in Washington state

Cashmere Molding has received recognition once again for its innovative business strategies and success in difficult economic times. The Puget Sound Business Journal ranked Cashmere Molding as the 19th fastest growing private company in Washington state. Cashmere was one of two manufacturing companies to make the list and the only plastic injection molding company to earn a spot. Cashmere was also one of a few companies featured and profiled in PSBJ's special publication.

"Being recognized on this list is quite an accomplishment for our entire team here at Cashmere," said Greg Herlin, president and CEO of Cashmere Molding. "It is our unwavering commitment to providing competitive prices while maintaining our unmatched level of customer service that has enabled us to grow our business and create more manufacturing jobs here in Washington even during this struggling economy."

Cashmere Molding has seen an increase in sales by an average of 40 percent each year for the past five years. Even during the down economy last year, Cashmere was still able to increase sales by 31 percent. Cashmere has also been able to increase their number of molding machines, as well as hire seven new employees, all within the past year.

The Puget Sound Business Journal compiled a list of the top 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in the state. The list, released last week, identifies and recognizes companies that have shot to the top of their respective industries. To be eligible for the list, companies must be privately held and headquartered in Washington; have at least $500,000 in net revenue in 2007; show an overall growth from 2007 to 2009; and agree to have their CPA confirm their net operating revenues with the Puget Sound Business Journal.

You can view the entire special publication here.
To read PSBJ's feature on Cashmere in the special publication, click here.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Watch Overlake Hospital on Evening Magazine

Overlake Hospital will be featured on Evening Magazine on KING 5 on Friday, Oct. 15. Evening Magazine host Meeghan Black went to Overlake Hospital in Bellevue earlier today to film the show which will be aired tomorrow. Below are some photos from filming. The show will air at 7 p.m. on Friday.

Overlake Hospital Medical Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary this month by throwing a birthday party for the first baby born at the hospital. Katherine Mary Cziprian was born on October 16, 1960 at Overlake, a few hours before the hospital was scheduled to open. Rose Cziprian and her unborn baby weren't able to make it across the bridge to Seattle, but luckily Overlake welcomed them and delivered baby Kathy. Kathy, who will celebrate her 50th birthday, flew in for the celebration which will take place Friday, October 15 at Overlake Hospital.

Craig Hendrickson, Overlake Hospital President & CEO, Meeghan Black, and Caitlin Hillary, Overlake Hospital Vice President of Strategy & Marketing

Meeghan Black films Friday's Evening Magazine at Overlake Hospital's main campus in Bellevue.

Monday, October 4, 2010

KOMO 4 News Coverage of the Museum of Flight's Efforts to Bring a Space Shuttle to Washington State

KOMO 4 News broadcast a report Sunday morning on the Museum of Flight's mission to bring a Space Shuttle to Washington State, featuring footage from last week's flag raising and news conference at the Space Needle in Seattle.

Marlee Ginter reported on the news conference, flag raising and the status of the Museum of Flight's quest to be awarded a NASA retiring Space Shuttle.

Parts of the speeches from Ron Sevart, Space Needle CEO, Tom Norwalk, Seattle Convention and Visitors Bureau, John Cooper, Yakima Valley Convention and Visitors Bureau, and Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, retired astronaut and Wings Over Washington CEO were all used in the report promoting the benefits a Space Shuttle would have state-wide on tourism, the economy and education.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Space Shuttle Flag Flies Atop Space Needle in Seattle

The Museum of Flight and Convention and Visitors Bureaus from around the state joined together Wednesday to raise a flag on the roof of the Space Needle in Seattle in support of bringing a retiring US Space Shuttle to Washington state. In a news conference prior to the flag raising representatives from the Convention and Visitors Bureaus of Seattle, Seattle Southside, Bellingham, Kitsap Peninsula, Spokane Valley, Tacoma and Yakima Valley offered their support as to why a shuttle would boost education, tourism and the economy in the state.

"In addition to inspiring our youth and growing our future workforce, bringing a Space Shuttle to Washington state will offer a major boost to the state economy," said Tom Norwalk, president and CEO of Seattle's Convention and Visitors Bureau. "We are proud to help promote this through our tourism bureaus statewide."

Retired astronaut and Wings Over Washington Executive Director Dr. Bonnie Dunbar raises the flag to the top of the Space Needle alongside Museum of Flight CEO Mike Hallman.

Television cameras from KCPQ, KING, KOMO and KIRO all attended the event. Photographers from the Seattle P.I. and the Associate Press captured the day.

KIRO7 News did a live broadcast of the event with reporter Alison Grande.

Dr. Dunbar also made an on-set appearance on KING 5 Morning News with Brad Goode prior to the flag raising to discuss the Museum of Flight teaming up with the tourism bureaus to promote the mission to bring a Space Shuttle to Seattle.

The Seattle P.I. wrote a story and published a photo gallery on their Aerospace Blog.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Enterprise Washington encourages voters to educate themselves before election day

In a recent two-day trip to Whatcom County, Erin McCallum, president of Enterprise Washington, voiced her organization's messages regarding the upcoming general elections in November.

McCallum made a stop at the Bellingham Herald and was a guest on The Joe Show on 790 KGMI-AM. McCallum encouraged voters to do their research about each candidate and learn their position on important issues.

McCallum emphasized candidates who demonstrate fiscal accountability and are willing to focus on the private sector in order to get our state's economy back on track.

To read The Bellingham Herald's full article click on their logo below.

Listen to the podcast interview from The Joe Show click on 790 KGMI-AM's link below.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Medic One Celebrates 50 Years of CPR

The Medic One Foundation and Seattle Rotary Club celebrated the 50th Anniversary of CPR on Wednesday, Sept. 8 at Seattle's Westin Hotel. Dr. Leonard Cobb, the co-founder of Medic One spoke at the event, along with Sue Nixon, a Seattle resident who had a heart attack in Feb. 2007 and was administered life-saving CPR by a bystander.

Seattle's Medic One is known for its survival rates of victims of sudden cardiac arrest. Much of this success can be attributed to Dr. Cobb's innovative idea to teach all citizens how to administer CPR when a paramedic or doctor is not around. Today, more than 800,000 Seattle residents have been trained in CPR.
In the top photo, Heather Fitzpatrick gets help performing CPR on a mannequin during the celebratory luncheon.

In the bottom photo, Dr. Cobb greets Sue Nixon.

Medic One Foundation announces graduation of paramedic class

The Medic One Foundation recently announced the graduation of Paramedic Training Class #36 from the Medic One Paramedic Training Program. The thirteen graduates from around the region completed more than 2,500 hours of rigorous training to become certified paramedics. The world-class paramedic training offered by the Medic One Foundation is one of the major factors in King County's 46 percent resuscitation rate for sudden cardiac arrest, one of the highest rates in the nation.

Paramedic Class # 36 is: Troy Blonski, King County Medic One; Tammy Ridgway, East Jefferson Fire & Rescue; Paul Ahrens, King County Medic One; Jon Woll, Seattle Fire Department; Greger Tuttle, East Jefferson Fire & Rescue; Laura Hickey, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue; Corey Mouer, Seattle Fire Department; Scott Skelton, Lynnwood Fire Department; Joel Musgrave, Stanwood/Camano Island Fire District #1; Gabe Webster, King County Medic One; Mike Catlin, King County Medic One; Joel Ihrie, North Kitsap Fire & Rescue; Brian Wallace, Seattle Fire Department.

A few local papers have recognized their newly certified paramedics.

The Stanwood/Camano News recognized Joel Musgrave of the Stanwood/Camano Island Fire District #1 in a story on September 7.

The Port Townsend Leader will feature East Jefferson Fire & Rescue's Tammy Ridgway and Gregger Tuttle in a story next week.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Museum of Flight deserves to showcase a space shuttle

The Seattle Times voiced its opinion about the possibility of a space shuttle coming to Seattle's Museum of Flight in an editorial published September 1.

The Seattle Times believes no other museum deserves a retiring NASA space shuttle as much as the Museum of Flight does. Aerospace has always been one of Seattle's defining features and housing a shuttle would immediately become part of our identity.

To read the full story, click here.

Museum of Flight KXLY 920AM Interview

Part 1 of Dr. Bonnie Dunbar and Mike Hallman's radio interview with Mike Fitzsimmons of KXLY 920 in Spokane.

Part 2 of the interview

KXLY 4 News in Spokane

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar spoke with Kris Crocker of KXLY 4 News in Spokane about the possibility of Seattle being awarded a retiring NASA space shuttle. The Museum of Flight has been gathering support from across the state to help bring the shuttle to Seattle, which would be a great educational tool, as well as a boost to the economy state-wide.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar on KREM 2 News at Noon

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar, retired astronaut and the Museum of Flight's CEO, was interviewed by Kristen Kirby on KREM 2 News at noon on August 26. Dr. Dunbar discussed the museum's current mission to bring a space shuttle to Seattle. A retired NASA shuttle could come to Seattle as soon as 2011 and would be a valuable educational tool, as well as increase tourism to the northwest.

Spokesman Review publishes editorial about space shuttle campaign

The Spokesman Review published an editorial in their Sunday, August 29 newspaper.

The story reflected the numerous connections that Washington state has to space travel, including twenty-seven astronauts. It also touched on the criteria NASA drafted for competing cities to be eligible for a space shuttle, all of which Seattle seems to meet.

While no decision date for NASA's selection has been announced, the Museum is hopeful their qualifications will earn them a shuttle, something which would be beneficial for all of Washington state.

To support the effort, visit the Museum of Flight's website.

Read the full article here.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Museum of Flight hopes to inspire young and old with arrival of a space shuttle

The Everett Herald recently published an editorial about the Museum of Flight's mission to be awarded one of three retiring NASA space shuttles.

The Herald touched on the excitement and history surrounding NASA's space shuttle program and the amazing opportunity Seattle has to call one of the shuttles its own.

The Museum of Flight's bid for a shuttle is one of the strongest. Its commitment to education plays a big part in that bid. More than 120,000 K-12 students visit the museum each year. A space shuttle would enhance the museum's dedication to education, as well as inspire students to pursue science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers.
In addition, construction has already begun on the new space gallery which would be the permanent home of a shuttle. This satisfies NASA's request for a climate-controlled building for the space shuttle to be displayed in.

Visit the Museum of Flight's website to support their mission to bring a space shuttle to Seattle.

The full article can be found here.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Medic One study finds chest-compression CPR as effective as traditional CPR

A recent study co-funded by Seattle's Medic One Foundation found that chest-compression CPR is equally as effective as traditional mouth-to-mouth CPR in sudden cardiac arrest cases. The evidence, published July 29 in the New England Journal of medicine, supports a CPR strategy performed by bystanders of a cardiac arrest victim that focuses on chest-compressions and lessens the need for rescue breathing.

Seattle's Medic One is a national leader in providing effective care to cardiac arest victims prior to hospital treatment. King County has one of the highest survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest at 46 percent, compared to between 2 and 25 percent nationally in large part due to the Medic One Foundation which provides Medic One with additional funding, equipment and training for their paramedics, making them significantly more prepared than their counterparts nationally.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Community rallies around Museum of Flight and space shuttle

Seattle's support for the Museum of Flight and its quest for a space shuttle has continued to grow. The Olympian, as well as the Peninsula Gateway, published an opinion article about why a space shuttle would be an excellent addition to the Museum of Flight.

The museum broke ground on a new Space Gallery earlier this month which would house one of the three retiring space shuttles. One shuttle, Discovery, is already promised to the Smithsonian Institution's National Air and Space Museum. Seattle and the Museum of Flight have already met NASA's requirements on paper, but the decision won't be announced until later this year.

To be eligible for a shuttle, the museum must have a climate-controlled structure in place by July 2011, be close to a major metropolitan area, have a runway long enough to land the Boeing 747 carrying the shuttle and have a committment to educate our youth about space travel. To get involved and pledge your support or to donate go to the Museum of Flight's website and sign the petition to bring the shuttle to Seattle!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Overlake Hospital's Dr. Steven Hughes Warm Weather Injury Advice

With the weather warming up more people are participating in outdoor summer sports and activities. This often means an increase in injuries and ER visits. Dr. Steven Hughes of Overlake Hospital spoke with Q 13 Fox about some of the ways to prevent and treat summertime injuries. Dr. Hughes has a long history with family practice and sports medicine experience. He has been working in Bellevue for more than two decades and continually brings his expertise and advice to high school games, local triathlons and martial arts competitions.