Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Democracy is not a spectator sport; the business community needs to get involved with legislators

Check out this op-ed written by Erin McCallum, president of Enterprise Washington, which was published Feb.1, 2010 in the Snohomish County Business Journal.

Enterprise Washington is a network of company, association and private sector leaders who are committed to economic prosperity for all Washingtonians. Enterprise Washington uses a combination of nonpartisan research, candidate recruitment, fundraising and grassroots education to help elect business savvy Democrat and Republican legislators in Washington state.

Medical Teams International volunteer doctor returns from Haiti

Last week Medical Teams International volunteer Dr. Dan Diamond returned from the disaster scene in Haiti where he spent two weeks performing surgeries and treating hundreds of injured people. Check out this KING 5 news story on Dr. Diamond's work in Haiti:

Dr. Diamond, a resident of Bremerton, Wash. is a Medical Teams International veteran volunteer.This was his third mission with Medical Teams International.

For a more in depth look at what Dr. Diamond experienced during his time in Haiti, read his blog.

Since the days immediately following the earthquake, Medical Teams International has deployed eight disaster relief teams to Haiti consisting of 35 doctors, nurses and health professionals. The volunteers have been working at hospitals and clinics throughout the area - partnering with local churches and saving thousands of lives.

Medical Teams International has already sent more than $1.5 million in supplies to Haiti - enough to help more than 45,000 people.

How to help Medical Teams International's Haiti relief efforts:

Text "HOPE" to 253-83 to give an automatic $10 to Medical Teams International. Also, giving is always available online or by calling 1-800-959-4325.

Seattle Times: SeaTac venture is not a public use

Last week The Seattle Times editorial board wrote this editorial supporting the Cassan family and opposing the City of SeaTac's use of eminent domain to take away the Cassan's Park 'n Fly property. Thanks to The Seattle Times' editorial, other timely news articles and television stories and overwhelming public pressure, the SeaTac City Council finally rescinded its eminent domain claim against the Cassans.

The Cassans are now focusing their efforts on the development plans they have for the Park 'n Fly property. They are also working hard to raise awareness and support legislation already introduced at the state level by Attorney General Rob McKenna, so that cities can never again try to use eminent domain take someone's private property for private use.